Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Using Disney to get Healthy in our Homeschool Room

My daughter "Bana Bana"
is learning about the food pyramid in her
homeschool lessons
I have seen on the Disney Channel 
"The Magic of Healthy Living"
So we are trying to incorporate that 
in our lessons

(Photo Above is One of our Disney Photos)

She is using Health, Safety, & Manners Reader
Grade 2 by Abeka Book 
but you could use something different if you don't have this

Here is a plate we made!

We just took a paper plate colored it in and made a extra plate 
to the side with construction paper
and a fork with construction paper 
and just glued it on

She looks a little dark around the eyes
no allergy medz this week because 
she has to go to the DR tomorrow and get her allergies
tested .. poor baby

here is another blog post from later today

Also here are some links to help that I
have found online

if you know of any more please let me know!

All Disney videos and links are property of the Disney channel and not me 
Hope they don't mind me linking them :)

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