Wednesday, August 14, 2013

1st day of school ... the night before

Lil Miss Diva decided she wanted her hairy wavy 
for tomorrow ~~~so we did some small braids 
she will sleep in these and tomorrow her hairy 
will be super wavy ~~~~~~
The night before the first day of school 
I always get the kids to lay out their clothes 
they are going to wear 

Bana Bana is homeschooled
but she said she still wanted a 1st day
of school outfit and still wanted to do all
the same things she has done in previous 
years so that's exactly what we are going
to do! Whatever makes her happy!

As for lil Miss Diva she has decided....
She doesn't want me to walk her in for the 1st day of school 
I guess 4th grade means growing up!

This school year I have decided to pay more attention
to Miss Diva's Lunch Box fixins' 
I've googled, I've looked for Pins, I've read blogs
I will be posting all of my attempts so watch out for them! 

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