Friday, August 9, 2013

Easy Best Fried Chicken

Everyone loves my fried chicken... well everyone that's tried it .. 
so they have said :)

So here is the super easy fried chicken recipe


1 pack of Boneless Skinless Chicken Tenders
 (I normally use 2 small packs because my family
 loves it and if there's left overs ..
 it will be chicken nuggets for lunch the next day)
on with the Ingredients...

Hudson Cream Flour
(I am not paid by them or anything but this flour is the best!)
(Only flour I use!)
Also I keep mine in the fridge I think it stays
 fresher longer and coats chicken better

Season All



Fill the pan with oil to coat the bottom
I had been using smart balance
but lately I have been using 
safflower oil but you can use any kind you like
heat this until its warm
in a bowl add chicken and flour 
use enough flour to coat the chicken
lay chicken in your pan
don't flip it until the side that's facing down has browned some
then flip it.. I stay with my chicken until its done I flip
it several times I know alot of people
don't like to do this but it works for me
and just add your salt and pepper and season all 
on the chicken while its frying
I don't always use season all
but sometimes I do

That's it!

For next day chicken nuggets
just chop the chicken in nuggets 
and serve with your fav sauce!

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