Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Our Homeschool Room

A sneak peak into our school room!

Book Shelf #1 
I painted side of it 
I still need to do the trim 
Put I like it so far
On top I have White Board Markers 
A frame we made with chalk board paint
I don't know what we will do with it yet

Art Table ....I had moved the chairs to vacuum
 and I forgot to put them back
A bin for art books
Basket for paint ETC

Book Shelf #2
with Curriculum 
Warning.. MESSY
Baskets hold stickers ETC
basket with tape staplers etc

bulletin board I made
White Board
which has moved some 
needs to be adjusted 
and Calender

Calender We made More info in a different post

Another view of this wall..
Bird house we made from last Valentines Day

Our Desk 
One side is Mine one side is hers

My lil station 

Book Shelf #2 I painted inside the handles with Chalk Board Paint

Art Table

Bana Bana's 2nd desk

Another view of our desk

Bana Bana's Side

100 days of school Bee Hive
Bana Bana says she is going to put the bee
in the hive entrance 

Love us some Dr Seuss 

Thanks for looking..
If you have any questions just ask!

*****ADDED***** *8/23/13

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