Friday, August 30, 2013

when I grow up I want to be, career day / labor day craft & freebie printable

paper bag puppet of who your child wants to be when they grow up

do a lesson about Labor Day and why we celebrate it

Use my printable or your own and let your child fill it out

print printable in LANDSCAPE mode
click on photo below
then right click and save
and print

What kind of puppets did y'all make??

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Neighborhood Unit Activity

We are learning about neighborhoods 
so we made our street
and houses

its not finished yet but here it is so far

We are going to add our street sign and the adjacent street sign 
and little people

We used small paper bags with scrap paper inside them
to make it a little fluffy
and we just used construction paper for the roofs

What you will need
paper bags
crayons or markers
construction paper
staples to staple the tops of the bags
glue to glue everything on
tape to tape the houses to the construction paper
Popsicle sticks of you want to do people and or signs

if you want something to sit it on a hard piece of card board painted black
 (add white stripes and it becomes a road)

Sometimes you just have to get out of the school room

Sometimes being in the school room gets boring

Reading Time will now be held in our family room 
beside of the school room

its comfy and a nice place to read

Sometimes what you have planned isn't whats best
sometimes you have to switch it up to keep them happy
and willing to READ READ READ

Bana Bana on the back of the couch lol

Cheese Please - School Lunch

Cheese Please 

Gold Fish Snack
Pretzels & Cheese
Apple Sauce

Lunch Box Recipe

Cream Cheese
Soft Shells

Spread cream cheese on soft shell and add ham
roll up and slice in pinwheels 

e-books for kids and more

Check if your local Library Offers 
Tumble Books!

It's a really kool website that our Library offers

e-books, games, and more!

We Love it so far!

similar to AR book quizzes

Just found this site 
and wanted to share!

I made a Login for myself 

I made my daughter one

We can make Book Lists
She can take quizzes on the books she reads

they offer prizes too!

Monday, August 26, 2013

School Lunch #9

Lunch #9

Sour Cream
Chicken Salad sandwiches

Confusing b & d- What helped my Child - 2 TIps

Confusing lowercase b & d

2 Things That Helped My Children

What helped especially when reading

BED has helped Bana Bana alot! 
If she forgets I will say spell bed on your hands

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Super Easy and Good Ranch Chicken


Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast Tenders
1- Ranch Seasoning Packet
1/2 cup of Parmesan Shake Cheese
1/2 tube of Italian Bread Crumbs 
(I used walmart brand round tall container)

How To Make

Roll chicken in all ingredients
Make on 350 for 45-65 Minutes
I broil mine for 2-3 minutes before
 taking out of the oven

Super Yummy!!

I also made Hawaiian Sweet Rolls with Dinner...I used this Recipe  for them

Lunch #8

Ham & Cheese on a Homemade Yeast Roll 

Fruit & Nut Trail Mix

Homemade Sugar Cookies 
- Made by Little Miss Diva

 - Wondering when she will be bored on these.. she asks for them every day

Cheese Stick
Wheat Crackers

Milk to drink -
Going to pour in the morning

Happy Sunday

Happy Sunday Ya'll

Ephesians 3:14-15

For this reason I bow my knees before the Father,

 from whom every family in heaven and on earth

is named,

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Husk and Cook corn in 4 minutes - no boiling

A elderly man from our church told my husband today
to microwave corn in the husk and cut the end off for the best corn

I was a little skeptical ... I mean I thought we had ate the best corn
the other day (which I blogged about) 
So I microwaved the corn and he cut the end 

It was the BEST corn ever!

SO here is the video.. its so good no butter needed
unless you just want it!

We used Peaches & Cream Corn
(white & yellow)
that the elderly man from our church gave us

For each ear cook 4 minutes
so if you do 2 you will cook a total of 8 minutes

Friday, August 23, 2013

Clean Mirrors & Windows

No Glass Cleaner? No problem.
Use EITHER of these

5 ways to Make Boxed Mac & Cheese Better

Do 1,2,3,4, or 5 of these

Add 2 slices or shredded cheese

Boil In Milk and don't Drain

Top with Shredded Cheese  and Bake

Top with  Bread Crumbs  and Bake

Just use shredded cheese instead of pouch

Free HomeSchool ID Cards & HomeSchool Discounts including Pigeon Forge TN

This is where I made ours...

HomeSchool Discounts
some may discontinue and I may not know 
so make sure they are still valid before you shop
& Pigeon Forge HomeSchool Discounts







(15% )





Ripleys Mini Golf


Discounts by State


More Discounts


Bana Bana's New Desk

Bana Bana's Auntie made her this CUTE new DESK

She painted the chair with a rust proof PINK paint
and the desk part she painted with Black Chalk Board Paint


Lil Miss Diva has a homework desk too 
Will post a photo of that soon
Its Purple!

Thanks Auntie!!

How our family is "linked" together

My friend gave me this great idea

We are learning about families in our HIstory/Geography LifePacs 
Bana Bana and Lil Miss Diva are in the middle and my side is on one side and his is on the other
we have a big Family so we are not done yet
but this is a Kewl way 
to learn that our FAMILY is LINKED TOGETHER

Bana Bana wanted to hang it over our door so when
 we add more im sure it will go all around
the room (One of my Grandma's had 10 kids & My husbands Grandma had 9
... I'm good with my 2 :) but big families are great)

TO DO LIST - how to make a framed to do list

  1. Type your TO DO LIST - Use font size 9
  2. Print the List
  3. Open up a size 5x7 frame and put the paper inside the frame
  4. cut around the paper and close the tabs

Sit it up and use a dry erase marker to mark off the tasks

here I have used a Homeschool TO DO LIST
you could also do 
A Chore List
you could make a goal chart
like this:


and each day you could write in what pages your would like your child to do
(I was raised in a Christian School and I always liked my goal chart)


Great Baby Themed Blog with lots more

Great Baby Themed Blog with lots more

She has Baby Food Pins and much more!

mustache humor, homeschool kids mustache questions

just for fun

mustache humor

gotta love mustache humor

mustache paper

click and right click to save

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Fried Sweet Potatoes

My friend told me about this..
Thanks Allison!
We tried it and loved it!
Peel sweet potatoes and slice
Place in pan with butter or EVOO
Whichever you prefer
Fry until browned
Sprinkle with cinnamon
We try not to eat a lot of fried food.. but hey its country food and its good once in awhile

Cooking with Kids - Best Corn Ever

OK Here is how you cook Corn
Warning* its soo yummy
After you shuck & clean the Corn
take it out of the freezer 

boil your water
and place the corn in the pot of water
add 1 tablespoon of Sugar
Salt will dry your corn
no butter in water...
yes trust me it will be good..
boil for 10-12 minutes

take the corn out of the water
and then you can butter and if you want to salt it
salt it after its on your plate

It will be the best corn you have ever eaten..
here are a few photos of the kids helping me preparing 
the corn we had for dinner tonight :)

Shuck the Corn

Clean the corn

eati the corn 
(lol )

Lunch #7

Lunch #7 
Chicken nuggets
(chicken from tonights dinner chopped up)
BBQ sauce
Trail Mix
& Lil Miss Diva's FAV cucumber flowers
a drink will be determined in the
 morning it will probably be milk

Want more lunch ideas? Click here

School Lunch #6

Pizza roll ups
pizza sauce
Nutella and wheat crackers
Tomato slices
pretzels and dip

I made this last night for this morning.. a little late posting it

Want more lunch ideas? Click here

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

homemade 5 ingredient cough syrup

1/4 teaspoon cayenne pepper
1/4 teaspoon ginger
1 Tablespoon apple cider vinegar
1 Tablespoon locally made honey
2 Tablespoons water

Hopefully we wont need this anytime soon
but I have family members who swear by this!

Take a Hike.. exercise and staying healthy , how to make a hike educational

Bana and I took a little hike today
we had so much fun and it was good exercise

Ready to go!

We found a frog!

half way up we hit steps

almost to the top

What a View! Bana trying to see our house 
I don't think she could see it from there though
She felt very accomplished.. 

We read all the Information signs up the mountain 
and we are going to make a lapbook about what we read and saw :)
So that was like PE, Learning, & Fun :)

If you don't have a pen and paper and you
want to remember all the facts that you have learned
take photos of things you want to remember and
of any signs you come across!

Take your time and don't rush it
keep your eyes open for little critters like
the frog we seen.

Follow it up with something like a lap book
or just let your child draw a photo
the best part of the day was just spending 
time with each other and
the picture she drew
she drew a bunch of trees with us 
 in the middle with big smiles on our faces :)

*The Small things*

After we came down we hit the play ground!
A good way to end the School Day

Throwing all of my other checking pens away!!

oh, Ticonderoga I <3 you!

best checking pencil ever!

It's erasable and smooth to write with
good quality pencil

I honestly threw the others away!

Not endorsed by Ticonderoga just love this pencil

Using Disney to get Healthy in our Homeschool Room

My daughter "Bana Bana"
is learning about the food pyramid in her
homeschool lessons
I have seen on the Disney Channel 
"The Magic of Healthy Living"
So we are trying to incorporate that 
in our lessons

(Photo Above is One of our Disney Photos)

She is using Health, Safety, & Manners Reader
Grade 2 by Abeka Book 
but you could use something different if you don't have this

Here is a plate we made!

We just took a paper plate colored it in and made a extra plate 
to the side with construction paper
and a fork with construction paper 
and just glued it on

She looks a little dark around the eyes
no allergy medz this week because 
she has to go to the DR tomorrow and get her allergies
tested .. poor baby

here is another blog post from later today

Also here are some links to help that I
have found online

if you know of any more please let me know!

All Disney videos and links are property of the Disney channel and not me 
Hope they don't mind me linking them :)