Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Take a Hike.. exercise and staying healthy , how to make a hike educational

Bana and I took a little hike today
we had so much fun and it was good exercise

Ready to go!

We found a frog!

half way up we hit steps

almost to the top

What a View! Bana trying to see our house 
I don't think she could see it from there though
She felt very accomplished.. 

We read all the Information signs up the mountain 
and we are going to make a lapbook about what we read and saw :)
So that was like PE, Learning, & Fun :)

If you don't have a pen and paper and you
want to remember all the facts that you have learned
take photos of things you want to remember and
of any signs you come across!

Take your time and don't rush it
keep your eyes open for little critters like
the frog we seen.

Follow it up with something like a lap book
or just let your child draw a photo
the best part of the day was just spending 
time with each other and
the picture she drew
she drew a bunch of trees with us 
 in the middle with big smiles on our faces :)

*The Small things*

After we came down we hit the play ground!
A good way to end the School Day

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