Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Homeschool Resource Days

My daughter loved Resource days at her old school
So I have incorporated a resource schedule for this year

Monday - Art Day ... We make lots of stuff
but Monday will be focused more about painting,
learning how to draw, and more.

We have a art table and
a few art books

Tuesday will be Library Day

Go and read a book or two pick
let them pick out some books to read for fun
and pick up anything you may need for that week

Today we stopped and got a ice-cream 
after we left :)

Take a walk around the neighbor and explore things
that you may see or find

Thursday is Music Day
learn about music or find a free lesson online , take a lesson,
or get a book about music

Friday is field trip or Park day
get out and have some fun!

One great thing about homeschool is being able to
do things at your own speed and time but 
having a schedule allows children to look forward to things and 
will also help with getting into a routine - At least
this Newbie Homeschool Mama thinks so :)

Also .. if one day don't work HomeSchool allows you to change 
your schedule whenever you want to...
especially in warm weather when you might
want to go outside every day!

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