Thursday, August 8, 2013

A little about me and my family!

Hey Leann here!

I'm just a average country Mama
I enjoy Cooking, Sewing, Being Crafty,
Blogging, Spending Time with my Family & Friends,
Going to Church, listening to music

I have 2 super sweet girls


My Oldest we will call Mama's Lil Diva (due to privacy)
is 9 and shes entering 4th grade 
she goes to a public school and
is happy there.
She is a lot like me with her craftyness 
but shes alot like her dad too
she loves softball and soccer and
I am a total Soccer Mama

I am normally in the dug out with the girls with Softball 
its great to be involved !


Then there's my youngest her actual nick name is
Bana Bana 
She's 7 and she will be going into the 2nd grade next week!
I homeschooled her for half of the year last year
and I will be homeschooling her this year as well
A lot of people ask me why one and not the other 
but no two children are the same
so it works for us

She stays busy she cheers, plays softball,
 and some years she plays soccer as well

They are best friends!

Then there's the hubbs
He's a total Sports Dad
He coaches most of their teams
and is always helping them practice
He thinks I'm crazy when I take pictures of my food etc to 
blog about lol
gotta luv him

Our family loves going to church
we are normally there at least 3 times a week
The girls participate in Drama 
(where they use hand motions to 
christian music)
and they are also in the children's choir
They love singing especially Mama's Diva!
I have actually started giving them a mini piano lesson each week

Enough about me ...
 if your reading this blog tell me a little about yourself!

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