Monday, August 19, 2013

How to clean a candle burner, tart burner

How to Clean a Candle Warmer

Gross huh...
Well thats a year worth of burning tarts in this warmer..
I had really been thinking about tossing this warmer out and getting 
a new one for the bathroom but its my favorite 
burner I got it from 
a local store that sells candle berry .. anyways.. I
 hated to look at it so
 dirty I tried about everything I could think of and
 nothing was working.. 
The other day my friend and I went shopping together and she convinced
 me to get a bottle of Mr. Clean .. me being a bleach kinda girl..
 I was like.. are you sure its really as good as you
 say and shes like yes! I love it ! 
well I poured a little Mr. Clean into the burner and
 let it set for about 
20 or so minutes (while turned off) and it came
 about 98% clean!
no more dirty candle warmer!
and the best part!
The Candle Burner is now burning much better the scents seem to be stronger like they were when I first bought the burner!
I'm officially hooked on Mr. Clean!

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