Monday, December 2, 2013

Another classroom / home makeover

Well as much as I love the school room and as much money I have put into it 

one of the best things about home school is the ability to homeschool 


All of these cold winter days are making me want to curl up under a cover and sip on some coffee in the mornings!

So I did a lil makeover on our school room and I will tell you what I am doing to make school more comfy!

The Girls love their desks and use them a lot but I felt like we would get better use out of them if they were in our family room 

I put them over away from the TV etc and we are using this for testing and independent activities 

Some photos of the school room...

This is a little roll cart I have put their daily books in.. I can take it from room to room and
park it in here out of the way!

Art table

The kids are always at this table 
during school
during their spare time!

another view of the school room

my friend gave me this painted pallet to use as a shelf.. I just got it so its pretty much empty so far

On days we do use our school room 
here is our desk

Our closet and one of our shelves

another view of our roll cart in the family room 

our family room is located beside the school room 

most days we will do school in there with the lap boards 

every one has plenty of space and its right beside the school room

Lil Miss on the lap top upstairs in the living room 

So is having a school room worth it?
I say YES
it gives me and the girls a place to store all of the school things tests, books, etc
A place to do art 
a room to do school when we want to do it in there... most days here thats about 1 time a week


A school room shouldn't bound you in one room IMO 

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