Tuesday, September 24, 2013

How to dress like a granny

*Granny Style*

It's Spirit Week for my Public Schooler

Today was Grandma/Grandpa Day


She said "do you want some peppermint candy"

ok heres what we did...

*She wore a long dress

*She wore a sweater or you could wear a scarf
(I figured it would be hard to keep up with at school)

*She wore Knee Highs at her ankles (nude in color) 
 (25 cents in a plastic egg in walmart if you dont have any)

*long pearls or necklace

*glasses holder on chain
($1 at the Dollar Tree)

*glasses (already wears them)

*cane or walker
(borrowed from neighbor)

*Rollers or Baby powder in hair
(she has a soccer game later so I didn't go with gray hair)
($1 at the Dollar Tree)

*Black shoes 

most important**
**A whole bunch of Sass

This could work with spirit week or Halloween 

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