Tuesday, August 11, 2015

2015/16 Curriculum Choices

2015/16 Curriculum Choices

I can now say that I am very happy
 with my Curriculum Choices
for this year. In fact
happier this year than past years.

Here's (*Some* not all) of what we're doing....


6th Grade with Lil Miss Diva

 - Math - Grade 6

English - Accelerated Christian Education 
- English - Grade 6

Spelling - Accelerated Christian Education
 - Word Building - Grade 7

Lit/Home Ec/Bible - 

Earth and Space


4th Grade with BanaBana

 - Math - Grade 4

English - Accelerated Christian Education 
- English - Grade 4

Spelling - Accelerated Christian Education
 - Word Building - Grade 4

Lit/Home Ec/Bible/ and more - 

Earth and Space

Some of the other things we are doing...
Spanish, typing, art, music, reading, and more

A little more info on our curriculum, and why we chose it..

below is my own personal opinion
 (this is my own personal opinion and no one else's, and I am not getting paid for writing my opinions in any way)

I grew up using Accelerated Christian Education 
I feel that it gave me what I needed...
it has sort of a bad rep online, and I have no idea why?
I love the Christian based curriculum!
it's set up to be used on your own 
or be taught
I love the boxes at the top of the page that remind you
of things you have already learned to refresh the child,
or to teach new material...
It's been updated since I was in school, and that's really nice too.

Having one dyslexic child I think that the Word Building is wonderful for her also!

I ran across the Prairie Primer online, and I thought it looked really neat. We are now in week 2 of using it, and we are LOVING it!
It's better than I thought, and it can also be used for a ton of other subjects if you wanted.

We had stumbled upon our Science before last years school started, and I really liked how it had so many hands on activities. The multi age level approach was also great for us since we have 2 girls in 2 different grades!

Easy Peasy History wouldn't have been my 1st choice for history, but surprisingly my kids are learning a lot! I love how they have the ability to listen to the online books too! My 4th grader does so much better when she hooks up her earphones. I love that my youngest has the option to listen to the books. This is defiantly a plus for children with dyslexia!

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